Crucified Life

Amount to pay: ‚ā¶ 250
  • HD
  • 16+
  • Release year: 2015
  • Running time: 66 mins
  • Country: Nigeria
The life a man carries produces the fruits that are visible to the ordinary eyes. This is understandable. However, what is intriguing is the fact that some carry a life they didnít know they carry. Is this possible? Pastor Mathew, Pastor and Mrs. Jacobs, and Pastor Smith who call themselves Christians have experiences that almost affected everything that happened to them and this became a mystery to them. This continued to affect them negatively until they came face to face with an irresistible truth. What was the truth? How did it affect them? What type of lives did they carry and what were the consequences? Find out in this highly inspiring, eye opening and life impacting movie. IT IS A MUST WATCH FOR ALL BELIEVERS!
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